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    Producing a 16:9 video

    Gumbo Al Level 1
      I need to produce a video to play on a large 16:9 flat screen which will serve as an attract loop at a trade show exhibit. Untill now I've done this using Flash and using a fscommand (full screen) to fill the screen. I would like to make my next attract loop in After Effects. As a starting point what size should my video be so as to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio and to also fill the screen?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          If it's played from a computer, the size doesn't matter and should be the native resolution of the screen to fit without upscaling/ downscaling. For DVD/ TV, the resolution is fixed an provided with respective "widescreen" settings for PAL and NTSC in the comp presets. If it's played e.g. from a BluRay disc via a Playstation, the resolutions are also fixed and for your convenience included in the presets. Everything else is inbetween and requires checking back with the technicians.