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    Aspect Ratio in Comp is good, looks bad though

      Hello, I'm working in Final Cut Pro (mac). I'm exporting my timeline sequence as 1440x1080i Quicktime Movie using the Apple Intermediate Codec (1.3 Pixel Aspect Ratio). Now I launch After Effects, import this file, from the Bin I drag this file on top of the New Composition Button so it creates a Composition to the same settings as my source file. I go to the Composition Dropdown Menu, click Comp Settings and confirm that I'm at 1080i with a 1.3 pixel Aspect ratio, the lock to 4:3 button is not checked.

      Why in After Effects does my video look like Full Screen 4:3 video?

      Anyway, I export from After Effect using these settings...

      Under Render Settings:
      Under Time Sampling I select 'Lower Field" (for interlaced footage)

      Under Output Module:
      I select Format Settings and switch to Apple Intermediate Codec and select HDV 1080i.

      Now I import this file into Final Cut Pro and it looks fine except there is a small black border on the right side of my footage, as if a few pixels of black were adopted in this process. Though this bugs me it's not the main problem.

      Lastly I send this footage from Final Cut Pro to a color correction program called Color. Color reads all of my clips from Final Cut Pro with no problems, but when i send a clip that came from After Effect, though all of my Comp settings are correct, Color reads the footage as 4:3 Full Screen (just like After Effect previews it). 2 small examples to confirm this last point. If I send 1080i footage from Final Cut Pro into Color, it maintains it's aspect ratio. If I send footage from Final Cut that has been modified in After Effects to Color, it does not maintain it's Aspect Ratio, it changes to 4:3.

      I have a feeling this is a long shot, can you see any problems in my workflow? Is there a known issue? Any ideas?

      Thanks for your time, i know this was a long one.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, your AE thing is easily explained: You are not using the pixel aspect ratio correction for the comp viewer, hence it will look incorrect. As to why it is messed up once you export, I have no clue. I'm using my Mac and in particular FCP way too rarely to be of any help here. I could dare a guess and say there's some Advanced Option in the CoDec somewhere that's responsible for it or an interpretation setting in FCP, but it's really nothing more than a stab in the dark.