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    Converting comp size to a big one

      Hello !
      i want some help related to composition. actually, i imported a tga sequence (360 X 288) made in '3ds max' & made a comp of the same size in 'after effects'. i applied various effects on it & finalized it. now if i convert my '360 X 288' stuff into a '720 X 576' one, by rendering the same animation from '3ds max' in a '720 X 576' size & changing the size of my '360 X 288' comp in 'after effects' into '720 X 576' & replacing my small size footage by the big size footage, the result is that the effect's look changes quite a bit. i've to manually tweak some settings which sometimes does'nt look the same as it used to in a small size.
      is there any other way to solve this to tackle this problem?

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          The correct workflow, in the future, is to start at the required final resolution. You can assign your half-res 3DS Max footage as a Proxy file, and later replace it with the full-res version. That way your AE work is handled at the correct resolution from the start.

          But for this job, your best bet is to run the "Demo Palette" Script from the File menu, and choose the "Scale Comp" option. This will up-scale all the elements in your comp, retaining their relative positions.

          It won't necessarily solve all your problems, particularly with effect settings. A 36 pixel shadow in your half-res comp is 10 percent of the frame size, but a 36 pixel shadow in the full res comp is only 5 percent - it's half the proportional size within the frame. The only way to adjust such inconsistencies is manually.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            For the most part Andrew is right - it's no different than working in AE at Half preview res and then wondering why the effects look different at full res. Proxies are realyl the only way to avoid your problems. There's one minor "if..." to his comment, though. Assuming you knew your way around expressions, you could rig your parameters to calculate based on percentages rather than absolute pixel values. This would give predicatble values at any resolution, at least to some extent. Some things based on blending modes will still look different. Another way to somewhat circumvent the matter is to use tools and effects that work on percentages to begin with, e.g. Magic Bulled Looks instead of AE's own blur, glow and color correction tools.

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              Ya Andrew, your last line says it all ! It was perhaps the right suggestion.
              I just wanna mention something about 'scale comp'. actually 'scale comp' is not the right option because, for eg. let's say, if a '360 X 288' (small size) comp is to be converted into a real '720 X 576' (big size) comp, then everything should be according to the big size. but what 'scale comp' does is, it applies an overall scale to the entire comp, which increases the comp size & scales all the layers to 200 percent. but actually the layer's real resolution (the original footage) is the same - 360 X 288. so this is not the solution beause in future we will definitely have to replace the small size footage to a big size footage, hence the layer which was scaled up by 200 percent will go out of proportions & again we will have to scale it down to 100 percent & change the effect parameters according to the big size footage.

              And Mylenium, u r right that the percentage values are the best coz we don't have to calculate the values acoording to the change in resolution. but this is also not the best way to work with, coz only some effects have the percentage values & many of the effects don't have it. it just has it's own effect parameters. so to achieve the best results, we 'have to' rely on the other values which are not 'percentages'.

              thanks anyways.
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                hey guys, what say ? tell me what do you think about the above one (my previous message).

                well, one more thing about 'scale comp' is that it only applies a proportional scale, means, the aspect ratio doesn't change. and what if i wanna go for a 'HDTV' video from a 'PAL D-1' video ? in such case 'scale comp' will not be helpful, i guess ! what do you think ?

                perhaps we will have to stick to some sayings :-
                "there are some things in life which can't be 'automatic' and it has to be 'manually' rather."

                -The Goldy.
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  Well, I'm reasonably sure that with some effort the script could be modified to provide more selective handling of these matters. The question however is, whether it really is worth the effort. More or less it still boils down to a problem in your workflow where you simply started off on the wrong foot, if you don't mind my saying so. Just the same, when you plan multi-format/ multi-platform output, you usually start out with the highest resolution version and then scale down, so it's not really an issue at all.

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                    ya, you are right that we should always start off with the highest resolution but there are times when we think to go for a bigger resolution. so what to do in that particular time ? my question was for that kinda 'times', coz we can't everytime work on the highest resolution. sometimes, for the time being we 'have to' work on some lower resolutions, when we don't need to go for the bigger versions and afterwards, with the passage of time we think to go for the bigger ones.

                    and by the way, i didn't really mind you saying that i started off with the wrong foot. all these things what we are doing here in the 'forums' is to gain and spread knowledge which is helpful to every needful person. well if sometimes, we recieve such comments then we should welcome them as how we welcome the suggestions, coz these are for our (the 'help' seeking person's) betterment.

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                      Well, I guess no one can blame anyone for things he doesn't know, so ultimately when you are stuck with a low-res version and have to scale it up, you have to bite the bitter apple. Has happened to all of us. All one can do is to be prepared, which quite often can be achieved by structuring the project accordingly. I for instance will often create pre-comps with only very few layers in them, but since the pre-comp itself will be used multiple times in the project, this way I can make sure that any changes I do will immediately show up everywhere, including any changes in the resolution. I guess the point is to really cut up projects into chunks you can manage without loosing your mind which is of course a lot easier the less stuff you have to deal with in a given comp. And yes, of course I also use expressions a lot. I will often look for ways to create dummy layers and then reference those dummy layers in the pre-comps, so I can globally adjust parameters or inherit animation from the dummy layer. Anyway, these things come with years of experience and I, too, have made a lot of mistakes in the past and learned from them. you will do the same and one they you will look back with a smile and think "How could I ever..." ;-)

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                        absolutely Mylenium, absolutely !

                        we all learn through our own mistakes (and also other's) and try not to commit the same again. so in this way we step by step increase our own level.

                        i'll surely keep (store) your piece of advice (data) in my mind (hard disk) and use my mindware efficiently in the right path and use expressions in my comps, wherever needed. anyways thanks a lot !