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    Creating Banners

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      Hello guys
      I did a banner in AE and sent it over to deamweaver. All of my graphic's didn't make it in the transport. It shows up great in dreamweaver preview but I'm missing a couple of my shapes that I made in AF. Can anybody help?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          What do you mean by "send it over"? Export to SWF? Export to FLV? Assuming you chose SWF, you have to be aware that only a limited number of things will be exported as vectors. The rest needs to be rasterized and requires the respective options in the export options to be enabled.Since this is still using the legacy model of storing a JPEG image foir each frame, files can become considerably larger, so if there's a lot going on, you should explore other options such as exporting a MOV and creating an animated GIF from it in Photoshop Extended or using FLV.

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            Hello Mylenium
            Thanks, I didn't know that a limited number of things would be exported as vectors, and I never thought about rasterizing before exporting (swf & flv). Everything I exported to dreamweaver came out really great but two vectors. I'll try building it in photoshop and see what happens.