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    After Effects CS3 & YUV conversion : total mess

      Hello all,

      Should be a point many times discussed, but not solved : YUV to RGB conversions done in AE8.

      I am videographist, I work on Mac, and I'm something like 20 years experience. I tell you this to avoid usual recommandations and useless pre-checkups...

      I was recently on 10.4 OS with a quad G5, and I just switched to MacPro 8 core, running 10.5 OS.
      My video board is a Kona3, that's now exclusively with Pal HD IO (1920*1080 YUV 10 bit).

      As 10bit uncompressed is just a pain in the ***, I decided to use 10bit HQ ProRes, which works like a charm, at least until I have to go out and come back to FCP...

      From what I saw, uncompressed 10bit YUV is correctly interpreted as a footage in AE8. There's a slight gamma shift when previewing AE comp thru Kona3 preview, but once back in FCP, gamma shift is just gone.
      BUT ProRes is totally misinterpreted, and huge color shifts are occuring, with no easy or correct way to fix it. If some of you wanna make a short test, I can recommand exporting FCP bars, as ProRes QT, and import into AE. Look at what you now have : total crap.

      I've been playing with color management, Rec709 simulation on/off, footage interpretation as Rec709 on/off, only slight differences occur, and for sure nothing related to signal shifts I can see...

      So what the f**k ?

      Is it a known problem at Adobe ? As many post companies are actually switching to HD, buying new computers, new video boards, looking for new consistent HD workflows, is Adobe aware of the trouble this issue can cause ?

      That said, is there a way to fix this by hand ?
      I know there's a famous "interpretation rules 802" text file, supposed to contain rules to interpret many formats, but I can't figure out what to do in it...

      Anyone with such knowledge around here ?

      Am I alone with this issue ?

      Thanx for your help