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    After Effects program error when exiting program

      I recently installed Windows XP Pro x64 on my PC and I seem to be having issues with After Effects (CS3) since. Whether this has anything to do with new install of XP x64 I don;t know, but I mention it only because this is the only major change I can think of that may be causing trouble.

      Every time I exit AE, I get the following error message window popping up:

      "890: AFterFX.exe Application Error
      The exception unknown software exception (0x0000005) occurred in the application.
      Click OK to terminate the program."

      Sometimes it takes several clicks to get rid off the error message window.

      I have all the latest AE updates installed, and have tried a brand new install of AE with no 3rd party plugins etc. but still the same result.

      My PC Specs:

      Inpel Quad Core CPY (2.6ghz)
      4 Gig RAM
      Soundblaster Xi-Fi sound card.
      Nvidia Geforce 8600 GTS Graphics card (v179 driver)
      Windows Xp Pro x64 all updates
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          A shot in the blue, but most likely a problem with the SoundBlaster. From what I seem to remember having read somewhere (note the vagueness :-) ), its drivers are a bit cobbled together for 64bit systems (32bit drivers simply put in a 64bit wrapper) and Creative does not officially support XP64, only Vista64. Maybe you could look at their site and see if they have some info on it. That notwithstanding - your guess is as good as mine. Runtime errors in system libraries are nearly impossible to track down without actually knowing what the system does at any given momment... Unless there are other tools that expose clear dysfunctionalities (Does audio work correctly in MediaPlayer?) that point to a source, this will not go anywhere, I'm afraid.