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    writing text

      I'm trying to achieve the effect of text being hand written onto the screen. I've chosen a simple font (Tekton Pro - letters do not connect with each other) and the word is only 7 letters long. So I though that I'd animate a mask for each letter. This is proving to be extremely difficult.

      Does anyone know of a way to achieve this animation? Any pointers would be much appreciated.
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          Well, your current method is more or less right. There is no simple solutions to this. As an alternative, you could try to convert the text contours to shape layers (CS3) and use a Trim Paths modifier on each segment, but it, too, will take some fiddling. Likewise, for versions prior to CS3, you could convert the contours to masks, have each contour a separate layer and then use conventional linear and radial wipes to reveal the individual strokes, but this will not work for all letters. For contiguous strokes as in letters like S, consider using a matte which is based on the Stroke effect applied to a suitably aligned mask path (or, again on CS3, on a stroked path with a Trim Paths modifier). Same with Write-On. Ultimately you will have to combine these techniques to get the best result.

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            *edit - nm, didn't read the OP properly.
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              Thank you for the insight Mylenium.