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    smear effect?

      I have a static camera shot with people walking thru it, and I'd like to motion smear the people - so they look transparent and ghostly, while leaving the background as is..

      Can someone tell me which effect or plug-in will accomplish this?

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          You might want to try echo. This will work if your camera is locked down.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Yes, Echo should do fine. Alternative effects include Timewarp (by enforcing motionblur calculations) and CC Force Motionblur (you may need to time-stretch the footage in a pre-comp first to slow it down, then un-stretch it again after the trails have been added). Now let truth be told: Neither of the effects is particularly fast, so you may consider alternatives from third party packages such as GenArts' Sapphire collection or, for extremely elaborate stuff any combination of RevisionFX Twixtor, ReelSmart MotionBlur and their other plugins...