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    Moving All Mask Keyframes

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      Maybe It's a little late...

      I've got a mask on a layer that is keyframed (animated)

      I now want to use this mask info for another layer but place it in another spot on the screen.

      When I try to select all mask keyframes and move the entire thing I'm only moving the first keyframe. (I then get an unwanted tween between the 2 keyframes)

      I'm selecting them all on the mask path layer and also selecting all of the mask (so it has a bounding box) but still it only moves the first one!

      As it's animated it must be moved wholesale or it won't work, so how can I shift the entire mask with keyframes across the screen?
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          David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
          Use a track matte instead. Create a solid with the same dimensions as the footage with the mask. copy the mask shapes over. Reposition solid, and use that layer as alpha matte. Read manual if you need more help with track matte. You may need to precomp and add more fills if you see edge of frame.
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            You're making this way too hard.

            Create your mask on a layer, animate the vertices, then in the Timeline Window Press M to reveal the Mask Path if it's not already revealed. Select Mask Path in the TLW and copy. Making sure that the CTI (Current time indicator is at the start of the comp or at the first keyframe for the Mask Path, select the new target layer and paste.

            There you go.

            You could also create a mask on the target layer, select that mask path and paste. The key to this working is to make sure that you select the mask path that you want to copy instead of just selecting the mask keyframes.

            If you wish to re-position the mask on the shot you need to duplicate the layer with the mask, remove the mask from the bottom copy, then set the top copy to alpha track matte and adjust the position of the top layer.
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              Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
              There's also another way of doing it:

              i http://generalspecialist.com/2006/07/ae-preset-scaling-motion-path.asp

              - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                Another thing you could do to transform the mask shape is convert your mask to a shape layer. You follow the same steps above. Create a mask, animate the mask, select the Mask Path and copy, but then you deselect all layers, pick the pen tool and create a shape with just a click or two. You then spin down the Contents of the shape layer and Path1 clear down to Path which reveals the keyframe stopwatch. Select Path and paste.

                Below Stroke and Fill you'll find Transform:Shape 1. You can tie any of these properties to another layer with expressions or just manually keyframe.
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                  Rick, your answer was the one...I just couldn't work out at the late hour I was doing the keyframing, quite how to use the mask info elsewhere.

                  But yes, I had done that many times before, I think fatigue got the better of me!

                  Many thanks...