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    the video stops

      Hey Guys,

      I need your help. I've got a problem.
      I'm from Holland and my writing english is not that good, so
      hopefully you understand.

      I'm making a movie in after effects CS 3 using a lot of layers
      and different footage. When i want to render the whole movie
      the first 1.40 minutes everything is fine but then after that the
      video stops, the effects still works so the cross fades you see
      but, the video footage is a still frame.
      First i had it after 1 minute but then i put on my Multiprocessing
      in the preferences and i could render 1.40 minutes with no
      problem. But now the video footage stops after 1.40 minutes
      sometimes 1.45 but it stops (still frame).

      More info:
      I'm working on AE CS3, on a MAC :) and my RAM is 1 GB.

      I hope to hear soon from you.
      I want already to thank you guys for your time.

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          (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
          Hey Bob. Your English is a lot better than my Dutch.
          Does the video play properly in the timeline? Is it only during the render that you're having that problem?
          Also, 1GB of RAM is really too little to be running. You should have at least 2GB, and if possible as much as you can afford.
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            Hey Steve,
            Thanks for your reply.
            I know that i have to put more RAM (still student) in but i want to render it without extra RAM for now.
            In the timeline the video plays properly only when i put the
            quality on a quarter. Sometimes he stops even with the quality
            of a quarter. Then a save my project close it and open it again
            and everything is fine.
            Ooh he stops not on the same video footage everytime, sometimes
            it is a video footage later.

            Well hopefully i can do something to render at least this movie
            cause i have to have it by tuesday.

            Thanks a lot,

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              (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
              Hey Bob.
              In what format (codec) is your source footage?
              It might be a problem with the nature of the source.
              You may want to adjust your "secret" preferences to purge the memory during rendering. That might help, but it might not.
              Hold down the "shift" key while accessing the preferences under the Edit menu. When the screen appears, release the "shift" key. Then, navigate to the "secret" section of the preferences, and enable the "disable layer cache" checkbox, and enter a value of "1" in the purge field.