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    Sound disappearing...


      Just started having a really strange problem... I brought in a bunch of P2 clips newly imported from my HVX200 camera. When I click on them in the project window they all have sound. Yet, when I bring them into a composition (even just drop them onto the composition icon just to create a whole composition around the clip with no effects at all) all the sound disappears and is replaced by just some low decibel noise. No recorded signal at all.

      What could I be doing wrong here??? Must be some kind of setting I accidently hit with a keystroke?

      - Fredo
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Check your audio prefs. Sounds like a mismatch in your settings somewhere. Other than that, it may hinge on which channels the audio is in the MXF files. Do they behave correctly in Premiere?

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            Thanks Mylenium, and good morning to you!

            I don't have Premiere, but the files playback perfectly in Quicktime.

            I checked my Audio Output Mapping and it's set correctly - Map Output for MOTU UltraLite
            Audio Hardware is set for MOTU UltraLite Buffer Size: 512

            What other settings could be incorrectly set? Again, I am able to play back the files within AE if I double click the files in the project folder.

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              Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
              A quick fix would be to use QuickTime Player Pro ($29) to export the audio as uncompressed WAV files and import separately. Not as elegant, but you'll get the work done.

              - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                Thanks, Jonas. Yes, I did end up doing that. Wish I could figure out what happened though! It's true, the camera does output 4 tracks of sound and two were blank... but odd that quickimte shows the ones with sound, and the track when imported in AE says mono...
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  Well, AE still is strictly a stereo app. Incorrect channel mapping and interleave might throw it off track, naturally. I guess you could prevent some of the problems by changing your camera's configuration to bring it more in line with what AE might expect.