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    Noisy blacks in keylighted green screen footage

      A friend of mine hired me to do some effects for a pepsi commercial (Video Production 4th quarter final project). He gave me green screen footage of dancers, and he wanted me to key the green out, put them on a black background, and make light streaks coming from their hands. I can do all of this, but I'm having trouble getting it to look perfect. He shot on a dvx100, 24p, and I'm certain he shot at a pretty slow shutterspeed, because I'm losing half of his arm when it moves quickly. I don't think this is fixable (if it is, let me know), but it shouldn't be too distracting. My main concern is I've got a lot of noise in blacks and dark colors, mostly the male dancers jeans. I have to set the screen matte clip black to about 50 to get rid of some noise around the dancer. Is there any way to reduce the noise within the pants/dark colors?

      Heres a test shot I just exported:


      Any additional advice or tips on all the effects in this project would definitely be appreciated. Thanks!