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    Text Effects in Bridge wont attach to text layers in AE *Please help

      ** Please Help **
      short version
      I have read the AE help and it says to just double click the preset I want and it will attach to the text in AE, but it doesnt work. What do I do?

      Long version
      Ok, I am trying to use the built in animations that are located in the text folder inside bridge. While in AE I make a new text layer and type in the text, then I goto the EFFECTS & PRESETS fly out menu and Choose Browse presets, This will take you to the contents folder in Bridge, For instance I click on the 3d text folder to open it and view all of the preset text animations. If you click a sample Icon one time it will show you what to expect in Bridge, IF you double click it, it is supposed to attach that preset to your text layer and transfer that animation to the text layer in AE. Well I cant get it to work, It wont attach the preset to my text in the text layer of AE. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Please help me figure this out. I have search the AE help files as well as the bridge help, with no answers.