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    tips on having an image behind a window

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1
      hi all,

      I'm making a room and on the far wall there is a window. through the window i want an image to show outside.

      I'm having trouble getting the distances right so that when i pan the camera around, the image through the window moves with respect to the window and wall looks convincing.

      any tips?

      the current z distances are:

      camera -900
      wall 2500

      so where should the outside be to look convincing?


      also when i have a few kfs for the camera pos and pov the movement seems awkward. any idea on what kf interpolation i could use to smooth out the camera? whatever i've tried has strange 'bounces' in, a kind of wobble on kfs. linear looks to linear.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I'm not really sure why and where you are experiencing the problems. If the keyframes "bounce", then their interpolation isn't right. I know, doesn't exactly help. Have you considered that temporal and spatial interpolation are treated separately in AE? Maybe you only adjusted on, but not the other. As for your other issue - parallax movement is more of an angular matter, so very likely you will have to increase your distances considerably. Too short distances will make everything move very fast and accentuate any "bumps". Using extremely large Z-separation serves the case better. I also recommend, you look into other options to map your background. A very large CC Sphere, Trapcode Horizon or CC Environment (in the commercial Cycore FX HD package, not included with AE) will take some burden off your shoulder in that regard.