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    30 to 25fps with new Canon 5DII photo camera

      Hi All,

      Canon announced their new camera today which shoots 1920x1080 footage at 30fps, with no options for other frame rates. If I bought one (salivates) what would be the best way to convert the native 30fps to 25fps PAL?

      I'm sure this question has been asked a million times but I can't find any good advice using the forum search or on Google.

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          Simply put: Stay away from any such conversion except for the ones where you can afford to simply slow down your footage. Sorry friend, but this is not going to be "filmmaking on the cheap". Apart from the issue with the framerates, there's a ton of other problems waiting for you. Read Stu Maschwitz' blog for some considerations/ observations/ warnings/ ponderings on what photo cameras mean for video:


          In short: Buy a HDV/ AVCHD camera, if you're serious about creating motion footage. Everything else is just experimentation/ art for people who want to get famous in short film contests or auxiliary workflows for people to whom a photo camera is cheap compared to other equipment they use/ have to use for their work and may be willing to afford it just for the fun of it (like Stu).

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            Well that does actually describe me pretty well as i am an experimental video artist and slowing footage down to 25 from 30fps is certainly an option for much of the work I do.

            I checked out the blog entry you listed I feel much as Stu does. He raises the point that Canon may offer 24p in a future firmware upgrade.