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    "Out of memory" while importing AVI  type (AJA) file with AE CS3

      With After Effects CS3 (version when we import an AVI type (AJA) file greater than 2Gigs captured by an another PC with a Xena board AJA , a message window appears : After Effects: Out of memory.(945949kK requested) (23 :: 40). If we import the same file with After Effects CS2 (version: 7.0.1) we have no problem. If we import an AVI (AJA) file smaller than 2 Gigs with AE CS3 no problem
      appears. If we capture an AVI type (Matrox) file greater than 2Gigs and import this one with AE CS3 no message appears. If we import a MOV type (AJA) file greater than 2 Gigs no problem appears with AE CS3. So to bypass this problem we are working with footage captured in MOV type file AJA. The PC which the AE CS3 is running has 4 Gigs of RAM with 2 Xeon Quad CPU.