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    how to make photoshop image align with .mov as background?

      i am using after effects 6.5 on my MacBook (Mac OS X 10.4.11)

      i have a .mov of an animated bike that someone has prepared for me.

      i want this text that i prepared in photoshop to move along with the curve of the wheel which is turning. (see screenshots i made with pointers)

      then it pans from the turning wheel to the saddle.

      how do i align the text to be along the curve of the wheel & move with it as it pans up?

      also, am i gonna have to cut up the text (which is a psd) so that each word/letter moves indiviually along the curve?

      i learnt after effects for the first time a couple of years ago & havent used it since, so i'm quite rusty! bear with me please.

      all help is appreciated.