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    Motion Tracking a 3D Text Layer to a Null Object

      I have a video clip that pans from right to left.

      I have setup motion tracking of the position of the video clip and applied it to a Null Object.

      I have a 3D Text layer. I have parented the 3D text to the Null Object.

      The 3D Text is positioned on the screen at the first frame. However when the camera starts panning from right to left, I want the 3D text to move with the footage and end up out of frame.

      For some reason when the footage pans, the 3d text doesn't react like a normal text layer would, it keeps moving with the footage.

      I should also mention that I have tried putting the 3D text into a pre-comp. I also have a camera and light setup in my main comp.

      It looks like the 3d text rotates instead of staying in place with the motion tracking null object.

      Any help is appreciated!

      PS - When motion tracking my footage, I'm doing a Transform track of the Position.