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      Hi there, folks

      This is only an AE related question.... I'm going to be using AE to test out some sound effects I'm developing for my new website. What I was hoping to be able to do was to capture some motion of my website (which is done in flash) and import that into AE to start adding sounds... Is there an application that does this? I'm on a Mac using Tiger (10.4.11).

      Hope all is well with everyone! :)

      - Fredo
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          (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
          Hey Fredo!
          I've been in the land of Microsoft for way too long, so I'm not fresh on the Mac apps out there, but have you tried searching for a screen capture utility? Here's one:


          But, it's not free.
          There are probably free ones out there, though.

          You might want to consider just outputting the video out of Flash itself, and importing that into AE. Or, is that not an option?

          I've said it before, but I love your site. Keep up the great work.
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            Navarro Parker Level 3
            For screen captures, check out ScreenFlow also. It's like a next gen version of Snapz Pro.

            Can Flash export a Quicktime movie of your SWF?
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              Hey there, my old pals Navarro and Steve! Thanks so much guys!

              I have downloaded Snapz Pro, hoping it will have a demo period. I'll definitely check out ScreenFlow as well. There's a team working on the flash portion of this site in Spain, and I'm not sure they can export a Quicktime version. But what I want it for is to capture some of the interactivity (the site is a bit like a game, with lots of constant motion - Steve, I think you will really enjoy it! :)) and then I'll try to add sounds as best as possible in AE.

              Again, thanks so much, dudes. You both have always been so helpful! :)
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                (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
                Right on, Fredo. :)
                Let us know how it works out!
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                  worked out great! Now if only there were an easier way to sync up the interface sounds!!! hahahah! Thanks again, man.