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    Adjustment Layer Question

      I have a 30 minute video in my After Effects project.

      I'm applying different types of color correction to my edit through two separate adjustment layers. Some parts of the video require adjustment layer #1, others require adjustment layer #2 and there are other segments where I'm not applying any adjustment layers.

      My question is, if I want adjustment layer #1 to apply to frames 1 - 300, and then resume at frame 500 - 800 - do I need to duplicate my adjustment layer and line up the adjustment layer over the footage...OR is there a way where I can take adjustment layer #1, cut it, take it out over the parts of footage I don't want it on and then apply it.

      I'm well aware how to edit footage like that in Premiere Pro however I'm not sure how to do it in After Effects. I'm looking for something similar to Premiere's Razor Tool that allows me to cut footage and move it around within 1 layer instead of needing to duplicate the same layer over and over for adjustment layers.