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    Composition's time problem

      Finally I succeeded to load a photoshop timeline animation into After effects.
      Now I have 3 psd layers, when two of them already animated through photoshop, and the third is still, and that one I want to animate in AE.

      I'm dealing now with two problems (probably two aspects of the same problem) :
      First, I have the the basic animation which running very fast. Upon it I want the new animation to run slower. The problem is, AE treat to this animation as the same time borders of the first one, which means it runs really fast and stops before its completing the animation. More than that, instead of making several keyframes, as the number of the mask vectors, AE generate only one keyframe, so the animation can't run further, and just loop itself in the time rate of the first animation, as mentioned.

      The second issue is probably related to the first one:
      I want the first animation will keep running in loop, and upon it, the second animation will run once (in different speed of its own), and stop, and the first will keep looping.

      I hope I was clear enough.
      Thanks a lot. :-)
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I have no clue what you are trying to tell us here. You can define framerates by setting up your compositions accordingly and/or interpreting your footage. The rest is merely a matter of placing your keyframes.

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            David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
            Read up on Time Remapping.

            Precomp your PS layers you want to loop. Then apply Time Remap to the precomp. That will allow you to control which frames are played at what time on the timeline. You can use HOLD keyframes to stay on the frame until the next keyframe. So, set a key where you want it to start to loop. Goto the last frame of the loop and add another key. Set that one to HOLD. Then goto where you want it to start to loop again. Copy the first keyframe you set (start of loop). Delete the other keyframes (at the end, and at the beginning, if your loop doesn't start at first frame of comp.) Select the 3 keys of the loop and copy, paste, to get it to keep looping....
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              Level 1
              I think I understood well what you've said.
              But still I can't solve the problem, even using time remapping.
              I sure it's stupid problem but I don't know what is the solution.
              I'll try to explain myself in most bright way:
              Because the first animation is VERY short (less than 1 sec),
              the whole time-line scale is tiny. The values are in 01f, 02f, etc.
              And the new animation is limited to this border of time: less than 1 sec, and its just cut off in the middle. How can I change the scale of the time-line? (to seconds)

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                Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                Change the duration of the timeline using Composition/Composition Settings.

                Zoom scale using Ctrl(Cmnd)+ and Ctrl(Cmd)-