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    After Effcts Stunts

      I'm planning on making a somewhat fake stunt video, using real shots, and some with a stunt dummy. But I'd like to do the ones with a stunt dummy and myself all in one shot, so the shot goes from me (on a skateboard in this case)to I'n guessing the stunt dummy in my position. But all in one shot. I had a feeling it might relateto something like this?

      http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/stunts/Hot_Rod_Trailer_2_1/#38425 (watch the first stunt)

      But that can probably be done without a dummy. I'm just wondering if it can. For example, I ride up to a jump, and as I hit the jump the stunt dummy takes my place to take the painfull fall. Understand? and would any of you know how to acheive this in AE? I am fairly new to it.

      help is MUCH appreciated!
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          Well, sorry to say so, but if you really are that new to AE, stay away from attempting to re-create movie effects on your first day of work. Creating patched together shots like these involves first and foremost a lot of planning, then perhaps blue screens and wire work and after that a lot of color correction, rotoscoping and masking, all of which you first should practice with much simpler projects in addition to learning how AE "ticks" under the hood. For your specific shot you will probably even have to find a crane or something to hook yourself up to, so it happens in a controlled and save environment, which will be your next big problem (if you're really striving for the great). You will also very likely require some additional commercial plugins for morphing and corrective warping in order to get a good transition or have to do the dummy as a virtual element in a 3D program. There's so much to consider here...

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            OK, well I understand it would take a lot to do. For now I guess I'll stick with more basic stuff.
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              We've been doing stunts in the movie industry for more than 100 years. Stunt crafts got better about 50 years ago as the unions lobbied for safety, reason, and redundant protection. Use of inanimate dummies also become a refined art as retouching and remote control robotics became specialized techniques.

              Almost any stunt can be researched on the Net with a few minutes of digging and clicking. There are books on stunts. Hundreds of feature films include "How it was done" featurettes.

              Speakig of cranes, There's a nice illustration of a stylized, low budget crane stunt in the final installment of PBS's Sherlock Holmes series where Moriarty and Holmes tumble off the
              Reichenbach Falls for THE FINAL PROBLEM,