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    Project Will Not Open

      Here is the problem - I have been working on a project and everything has been fine, until the other day. After doing some work on it I closed it as usual and turned off the computer. The next day when I tried to open it, it will load to 16% and then I get the following message - "After Effects can't continue: sorry, an abnormal condition has been detected(2). (0::42).
      The night before, I did not import any new clips and no changes were made to the computer. I have tried System Restore, reinstalling AE, and moving all clips used to another folder so AE can't find them as I was instructed and nothing has worked. I have tried starting a new project and importing this one but when I do I get another error message that says AE has caused something in kernel32 dll.
      I am using AE 5.5 and Windows ME. Is any other info required here? Does anyone know what the problem is and if the project can be saved?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, it's damaged for sure... As to what actually is defunct, nobody can tell you. Might be some broken down effects settings, might be completely defective. The only way to attempt to retrieve it, is to import the project in an empty project, but if that doesn't work, then it's lost. Anyway, for the future simply save versions and make sure to use "Save As" before exiting the program to create a new physical file rather than overwriting the last one. The latter case is the most frequent reason for damage due to disk errors, system errors, energy saving problems (disk still spins up, but program thinks file is already saved) or network errors. Enforcing creation of a new file can prevent most of these mishaps.