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    Footage from Premiere moved 2 frames


      Having a strange problem. I've cut a short film in Premiere - and have imported into After Effects to grade the footage.

      Now - I've discovered that all my footage in After Effects has shuffled exactly 2 frames forward in my timeline. (eg: frame 1:00:01 in my offline = frame 1:00:03 in After Effects).

      Sounds like I've made a mistake and stuck in 2 frames at the start somewhere by accident.

      HOWEVER - all my cuts, right through to the last (I have about 100 cuts) ALL line up with the offline. Eg: if frame 1:00:01 is a clip's out point in Premiere, it's also an out point for the same clip in AE.

      I'm quite the novice in After Effects, but know my way around video programs generally - can some spot what I may have done wrong?

      (initially thought this was a field problem - for the record I'm cutting in HDV 1080i PAL, and importing into AE upper field first)

      Look forward to some feedback! Thanks in advance...