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      Importing MOV. Video is fine, no audio to edit to. Can anyone help?
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          eburns@adobeforums.com wrote:
          > Importing MOV. Video is fine, no audio to edit to. Can anyone help?

          A likely problem is the audio is encoded in a codec which AE cannot work
          with. If you can play the file in QTPro, you can export it and transcode
          the audio to something more usable like a standard Wav.
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            similar problem, only we extracted the audio from the .mov in iMovie, then exported that audio as a .wav.

            we then imported the .wav file into after effects, yet still we don't have audio alongside visuals. all preferences & audio options are set to "on". but we can only play the movie with no sound.

            i dont want to edit the sound, i just need it to work to - need to set an animation on top of the movie.

            (using after effects 6.5)
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              Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
              Make sure your audio exists on channels 1&2
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                Just checking- you're asking AE to initiate a preview with audio, correct? RAM preview (zero key on keypad) or audio preview (. on keypad). You won't get audio otherwise.
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                  Josh mehler Level 1

                  Gah! This is it.  Stuip audio exporting from screen capture.  I exported the audio as AIFF and cha ching.  Made a pre-comp of the video and audio tracks together and that fixed it.