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    Timewarp & Collapse Transformation

      I've got a "wall" comp made up of 10 "column" comps, made up of 20 "brick" comps. These all come together to create a "tower" comp, with each brick animating in one by one to build the complete tower (cube).

      Each column as a Timewarp effect turned on, so that it appears that each column of the final cube is coming in at a different speed.

      All of that works fine until I turn "Collapse Transformation" on in each of those comps. I need to do this because the bricks need to appear in 3D and build that cube.

      With the Timewarp turned on for each column, and the Collapse Transformation switch on for each layer of each comp, the columns appear out of place - that is, the wireframe shows them positioned in 3D, but when previewing and rendering, the column shows up in the top left corner of the frame, 2D.

      Note that with Timewarp turned off, the columns show up just fine in the 3D space.

      Any ideas?