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    No Slope Handle Results?

      A colleague tried applying a speed adjustment to some Position keyframes that used to be Linear .. the speed was 1500 pixels per second (arbitrary and not really important) with Continuous checked with 33.33% long 'handles'.

      But the slope of the curve never changed from the crisp straight lines of a linear interpolation. (Though the key frame icons reflected our change turning into those hourglass shapes..)

      And what further clued us in that something was wrong was that when we opened the Keyframe data dialog box again, the handle length was now "6.239e-13" whaaaaah?

      *I* could create the correct result on MY installation (both CS3 on Mac OS 10.4.11) ... any suggestions before I toss the box out with my couch?

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          >"6.239e-13" whaaaaah

          0.00000000000006239[4533213663633245] or whatever ;-) It's the truncated representation of the underlying calculated value in math talk. Anyway, can you move the keyframes after you convert them back to normal? Does using the "Convert point" (which applies to masks and motion path keyframes) affect the output? what happens, if you insert an extra keyframe into the seemingly wrong curve? Any use of time remapping/ time stretching?

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            No, no time remapping or stretching. In fact, I scrapped the layer for a new, fresh null just to see if it worked at all and that didn't either. No - adding a keyframe in between didn't alter the curve, though I know what you're getting at - I've had THAT one happen, where you add a key and suddenly ka blam you get the proper curve shape.

            As for Convert Vertex - I wasn't clear ... the PATH points are still linear (which we want) but the TEMPORAL value is what we want to be Bezier .. so we didn't do any converting.

            I think all this would just go away if we could just SEE the slope handles for Position keyframes in the Graph Editor, the way you can for every other value in AE. Then I'd just manhandle the keys until I got what I want.

            Anyone know if AE CS4 has handles on Position keyframes in the Graph Editor?
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              Yes, for CS4 the position property has been "liberated" and is fully editable in the GE - values and speeds. As for your other issue, I'm really not sure. I've seen this behavior once or twice, but as I mentioned, only in situations where the keyframes were not at exact frame intervals (i.e remapped, stretched or reversed). Anything going on in terms of custom comp resolution, PAR and framerate? Any expressions?

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                Thanks for your reply - I think I'll just have him put in a call to the Tech center to reinstall the CS3 package.. a repair. He said it crashes a lot too. Maybe I'll wipe the prefs first.

                No - nothing special. In fact, I do the minimum settings a-fresh when having problems .. so it was a D1 comp from the Presets, no expressions, just a new Null that I put new pos keyframes on. Nada. Bizarrrro.

                Thanks again.