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    Can't output letterbox video

      First I am using AF 5.5
      I have imported video from an AVI created with Premiere Pro. The video in 4x3 letterbox. When I output it from Premiere it is wide screen.
      I created a new Comp in AF, NTSC DV Widescreen 720,480.
      Then I imported the video and dropped it on the comp window, it is squeezed. If I apply interpret footage>Main it fills the comp window.
      If I then output it I get a wide screen with the video squeezed in the center filling top to bottom with black bars on the sides.
      How do I get it to output letter box?
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Sorry, your post is a little unclear. It seems you require 4:3 letterboxed output.

          Assuming your AVI footage is Widescreen (not letterboxed):

          Import to AE
          Interpret as widescreen (16:9)
          Create a 4:3 comp
          Place footage in comp and scale down to fit left-right within the comp
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            Hi Andrew
            Some more info.
            I shot the footage in DV wide screen 16:9. When played on a ntsc 4:3 TV it has letterbox black bars top and bottom.
            Now I am editing in Premiere Pro and need to do a split screen of one scene, a singer on the left and a dancer on the right. Also because the subjects move within the frame I went to After Effects so I could scale and re position and mask the shots.
            So I output the two shots from Premiere Pro in a format that gave me the same letterbox as the original DV tape. I created a new comp in AF that was set to NTSC DV Widescreen 720,480. I see that there is no 16:9 in my version of AF. I then imported the 2 clips into AF and dropped them onto the comp. When I did the shot did not fill the comp window but was squeezed in the center. I right clicked on the clips in the bin and selected interpret footage>Main. When I did this the clips in the comp window then filled the window and looked right.
            Then I did the work on the clips and made a movie.
            At this point when it renders the file I get a wide screen with the clips squeezed in the center and black bars on the right and left sides.
            Does that give you a better idea of what I am doing? I hope so I really what to use this shot. I haven't worked in wide screen before so it's all new to me.
            Thanks for your help.
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              I have found the fix. I didn't know that Premiere also has interpret footage when I did that to the clip it went to 16:9.