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    genric problem with specific example - warning: there are multiple copies of plug-in

      I go into AfterEffects CS3 Pro...8.0.2 on my MAC. I get a warning message about a third-party plug in:

      After Effects warning: there are multiple copies of plug-in effect "RGS Grow Bounds" on your drive. To avoid problems, quit After Effects and more or delete the older or unneeded version(s).


      I then used spotlight (Search) found only ONE file in:
      Applications>Adobe After Effects CS3>Plug-ins>Trapcode>TGSGrowBounds.plugin

      if I search for "Grow" I find:

      Applications>Adobe After Effects CS3>Plug-ins>Effects>Grow_Bounds.plugin

      Can any of you tell me where this error message is coming from and/or how to fix? It doesn't stop me from getting into AE...just an irritating warning.

      Thanks, -bill