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    Compositing nightmare

    LVChris Level 1
      This may have never been asked before....

      I needed to find a way in AE to show me what my image looks like with straight alpha. Not pre-rendered video, just my composite so far, Ill. and PS elments animated in AE with effects(glow, particles, blurs)

      yes clicking the rgb straight at the bottom of the comp viewer shows me this. Now I need to find a way to control it. Here's the sitch:

      I am working on a game in which small characters walk around on the screen as an example we will say one character is smoking and has smoke trailing from a cigar. Now the engineer needs to take my rendered animation and move it around on different multicolored bg's and guess what...no alpha usage just one transparent color (makes some nasty jaggies I know) With the characters I had made a 1 pixel black edge to outline the pixels and it worked OK. but with particles and glows....???

      So I can now view the horror, but no idea how to fix it...I thought minimax, I thought channel combiner...nothing seems to be working so far essentially I need to take my emi transparent pixels and make them 100% opaque and then have some control over which ones I want to keep.

      Can anyone help?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          That's what dithering is for. You could e.g. mangle the some MOV files through Image Ready/ Photoshop Extended to create animated GIF versions or image sequences in Indexed mode which you can use further. You can of course attempt to do this in AE using Threshold, Posterize and an assortment of other effects to create similar effects in AE. The actual dithering grid could be created using e.g. a Checkerboard effect with 1 pixel size fields to create ordered dithering. Just for the life make sure to set all layers to draft quality to suppress sub-pixel calculations. There also may be some plugins for that in some suite, but off the top of my head I can't give you more specific pointers.