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    problems reinstalling after effects

      so I got adobe cs3 master edition..

      anyway, every program installed fine at first.. but here's the thing..

      I had adobe after effects 7.0.. and a whole lot of plugins and presets.. and I tried to put the plugins and presets into adobe after effects cs3.. but I did a really bad job copying and pasting.. which totally killed the program. So.. I tried reinstalling it. It worked fine, but then got stuck on "repairing shared components".

      so, I tried completely uninstalling it and then installing it again, and the same thing happens.

      Does anyone know what's wrong?

      some other things (don't know if they matter):

      I have a vista laptop

      I have plenty of memory left (like 88 gb)

      I've waited about half an hour for it to finish "repairing shared components".. maybe it takes longer?