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    Nasty video noise... help!

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      Hi there folks,

      I'm working with some footage that, without any effects, looks ok, but the minute I play with levels... good lord, it gets noisy and ugly! Is there a plugin that smartly blurs such clusters of chaos?

      Thanks so much for you assistance. Hope everyone is well!

      - Fredo
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Depends on the kind of noise, I guess. For a generic random noise look into Revision FX' De:Noise or the Remove Grain effect that comes with AE. For artifact noise from DV/ HDV/ MPEG compression, give tools like Magic Bullet Instant HD, Magic Bullet Steady or RevisionFX' SmoothKit a spin. Apart from that - think about your color correction methodology. while not exactly easy and enjoyable, it is absolutely possible to do adjustments on such footage without cranking up the offending areas. Consider e.g. converting the colorspace first using Channel Combiner, smoothing the artifacts with blurs, then converting back and applying your corrections. Likewise, try to use subtler, less agressive tools. You know, you have Color Finesse for free in AE...