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    My AE can't started

      My ae 7.0 can not be started,it always says "after effects error:CT bad param:invalid translator(83:4)",and then tell me my ae has crashedIs there any one can tell me what should i do ?

      Later i met even more problems when i use ae CS3,it says
      "after effects error:failed to parse transmap file(83:4)
      after effects error:CT bad param:invalid translator(83:4)
      after effects error:Font server could not be created(76:16)
      after effects error:cannot unlock an unlocked list(27:4)"

      I am confusing
      I will be appreciated if any one can give me a suggestionthanks
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          Well, the user name you chose would indicate that you are Chinese or from another Asian country, so my first guess naturally is a classical language mismatch. In what language did you install the program (or any other Adobe programs you may be using, for that matter). Also: What is your system language and what operating system? More or less, pending further info from you, you should expect having to re-install everything, as annoying as it will be.

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            uhyes you're right,i'm a Chinese student,my operating system is Windows XP SP2 in Chinese(simplified),but i had use ae7.0 half a year before,one day when i want to start it again,i found the problems above,so i'm confused~
            Besides,my ae is in English,and i also have some adobe software in Chinese.
            Someone on the net tell me the problem maybe is the Quick Time Player,is it?
            Also i want to know if the warning"CT bad param:invalid translator"means the problem is on the language?
            Thank you very much.'
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              In addition,i had a try this morning and i find that it's ok to start my ae7.0 if i use another language (e.g. in the folder of "Language/Adobe After Effects D "),but when i turn to English, it's still like that) i guess you are right and this is sure because of the language,but i still don't konw how to solve it,i don't want to reinstall my operating systemuhr
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                i,m kasir ali from pakistan. My Ae 7.0 not start showing messege 83::4 can,t get Unicode file and failed to parse transmap

                please Help me how i can fix this prob  please

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                  Searching for the error code pulled up a few possible solutons.