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    How to fix image under mask?

    Shahram_ve99 Level 1
      I have a question about mask, I created a mask in front of image and animated it, as you know when the mask moves, it shows different areas of images that is under it, I dont want the mask shows different area, I want to see just specific section of image, how can I do it?
      Appreciate any help in advance.
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          A. Cobb Level 3
          It sounds like you should be animating the image and not the mask.
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            Shahram_ve99 Level 1
            I created mask on solid and image is under solid layer.
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              A. Cobb Level 3
              So are you using the solid as a track matte? If so, then you can parent the solid to the image or vice versa, and animate the parent layer. But if you don't want the mask to move relative to the image, the mask itself should not be animated.
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                Shahram_ve99 Level 1
                Aaron thanks for your reply, but that wasnt my answer, maybe I didnt explain well, there are 3 cars in video clip and there is very smooth pan from right to left, I want to change one of cars so I drew mask around it and because of camera pan I had to animate mask, as you know when mask animates it shows everything underneath, I fixed mask with car in first frame but during time mask moves and shows anything else,this is my problem, how can I link and fix mask with specific section in image?
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                  A. Cobb Level 3
                  I'm sorry, I just don't understand your question. Can you post a clip, or some images to illustrate what you are trying to say?
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                    (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
                    I think shahram wants to track a mask to the footage, for some reason.
                    What are you trying to accomplish with your mask, shahram?
                    Are you trying to colorize one of the cars? Like Aaron said, can you post a clip or some images?
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                      David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
                      What you're wanting to do is motion track the clip and use that track on your mask. Problem with that is if the car changes perspective.

                      I read an article on I think it was a BMW driving thru perilous conditions, think there was an avalanche and a bridge collapsing. They had massive matte work to do, including changing day->night. They used Mocha, a planar tracker, which they said did a fantastic job.. Well, Mocha is being included in next version of AE, if you can wait.. :)

                      What you might be able to do.... Create a null, track your footage and target the null. Create a duplicate of your footage that you masked. Enable time remapping and place a keyframe on the frame you masked. Set that to HOLD and delete all other keyframes.. Essentially, that creates a still of your masked car. Now, parent that matte layer to the null. Then, set your new layer to alpha matte.

                      May not even need masking/matte... Easiest way might be track the footage to a null, make sure your new car is larger than the other car, and just parenting the new car to the null...
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                        Shahram_ve99 Level 1
                        Ok, thanks for your help, let me say another example maybe you could do this job in another way (better way). Think there is a bride in the street and she has worn gloves and moving her hand for saying good-bye, gloves has covered her fingers and wrist, what do you do if you want to make some changes in gloves? Gloves are short and they have covered her wrist but you want to make them longer and bring it upper until her elbow, what do you do?
                        I myself make a mask around forearm and animate it because she is moving her hand, then I replace this mask with image that I have created in Photoshop (color and pattern of image are from gloves).
                        What do you do if you want to do this job? What can I do to make body of gloves seem more real and natural?
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                          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                          I think you're simply talking heavy manual rotoscoping here. Nothing to do with simply placing images somewhere nor moving static masks around. no matter how much you may want to avoid it, you will have to get used to the fact that these things mean setting a lot of mask shape keyframes and using paint tools to do additional refinements.

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                            Shahram_ve99 Level 1
                            Yes, it is difficult but I have to do it. I rotoscoped gloves but I am not sure what is best way for giving pattern to the mask, how do you fill the mask? Gloves are white silk with small red dot, I made color pattern image in Photoshop and put it below the mask, the size of image is the same as video frame size, (720x480), the problem is when mask moves, it shows different area of image pattern and it cause small movement in front of gloves, I dont know how can I fix it? If my mean isnt clear, please draw a rectangle mask on an image and animate it.
                            Please tell me after rotoscoping, what do you do for filling your mask?