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    file not found + TIFFIO errors

      I am having some problems with AE. Hopefully someone can tell me what the problem is.

      I just moved an AE project to a new drive and the files are linking however I am getting some strange errors. It seems when I am parked at a point in the timeline where there is a still image (TIFF or JPEG, etc) I get this error message:

      After Effects error: making file reference - file not found (-43).

      After I hit OK I get another error:

      After Effects: AEGP Plugin TIFFIO: Failed to open the file

      Can anyone explain what the problem is?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Something is wrong with your directory structure or the drive. Do the files show up with their correct file sizes? Can you view them in an external editor? Are the files nested deeply inside a folder hierarchy? what is the file system of the external drive?