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    Scale transformations in flash slideshows

      Hi Group,
      I do slideshows in AE CS3, mainly for dvd output, however when I export to flash for the web I seem to lose control over the images when scale transformation is applied.
      I usually keep scaling to less than 15-20%, and in preview they look perfect, but as soon as I view them in DW the images are shimmying and distorting as they scale.
      Whilst I appreciate that flash wasn't designed for pixel images, is there anyway that this can be applied without ruining a good slideshow.

      Or is it I'm doing something terribly wrong??????

      Thanks in advance to all those that take the time to give sensible answers

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I'm not clear what you are trying to tell us. If you animate and export directly as an SWF from AE, the file will contain all operations as rasterized pixels. Any flicker and crawl you see therefore is a side effect of the underlying JPEG compression used to embed the images in the SWF. In so many words: There is not really a way to avoid it. You can crank up data rates/ compression levels to minimize it, but it will never fully go away and the slower the images scale, the more distinct the effect will be. The same applies also to using Flash video (FLV). Ergo, you should avoid scaling alltogether (or any other operation that messes with fine details and changes the compression pattern for every frame). In the long run, you should learn how to do this in Flash directly or at least consider updating to CS4, where you can transfer such animations non-destructively to Flash and export a more suitable SWF from there.

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            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
            Please post an example of this problem.

            - Jonas Hummelstrand