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    Fixing scratches on a negative...?

    Karel Bata Level 1
      I'm trying to piece together something watchable out of telecine fragments remaining from a 16mm film I lit some years back. It shows dark scratches and dust which suggests the negative itself was scratched...

      How would I fix this...? I could go through it frame by frame, or is there a clever trick or plug-in? I have AE7 running on Win XP.

      Here's an excerpt http://www.vimeo.com/1898168

      Seems ironic when a lot of folk are trying to create this look in AE!

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          Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
          You'll have to paint (or check out the WIRE REMOVAL tool in ae).

          There is an automated software called FILM FIX from Red Giant Software. It's overkill for 10 - 20 frames, but if you have several minutes of footage that needs to be corrected, it may save you time in the long run.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Consider RevisionFX' Re:Fill and Smoothkit for some of the stuff or the product Ko was mentioning. If it's not in the budget, then indeed you'll have to work with what comes with AE - Minimax, Remove Grain, paint tools, CC Simple Wire Removal...

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              Karel Bata Level 1
              Thanks for your replies.

              FilmFix has a 14 day free trial (though I don't know if it's fully functional) so I'll give that a go first. I'll certainly look at the other two.

              Wire removal makes a lot of sense - dunno why I didn't think of it!

              As it is, I'm happy to live with a little of the 'old film' look, but it is a bit excessive in places, and worse: inconsistent. That inconsistency will likely be a tad too noticeable once I start to edit, so I'd like to partially fix the most severe of the damage.

              Plenty to get started with. Cheers!

              (Maybe I'll post a link to the finished product here?)