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    invalid parameter 37 $ 102 - AE 6.5-Mac

    jl2000 Level 1
      Hi -
      I would like to "Save Frame as..." Photoshop with Layers but I get an error that says : Invalid Parameter ( 37 $ 102 ). What is the problem?

      I searched this forum and found one other post in the archives that was never resolved.

      I'm not using any kind of image or file server but I do keep all the files on a portable HD. I work on this project with a Mac G5 and PowerbookG4 - both with AE 6.5 Pro.

      No matter where I work - the same error message appears when I try to Save Frame as... Photoshop layers. I can Save Frame as...File, without issue.

      What is causing this? What must I do to fix it?

      TIA some expert input.