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    OpenEXR Crashes on AE Mac


      I have After Effects CS3 on my Mac which is a Duel 2 GHZ Power PC G5 Version 10.5.5

      I am trying to import a .exr footage sequence, unfortunately After Effects crashes every time I attempt to import this footage. I haven't really had any problems using this mac and After Effects before. I am pretty sure that this is isolated to the large EXR files.

      I have fully updated my computer and after effects is running on version 8.0.2

      the Max Mem Usage is 90% =2.7GB
      Max Ram Cache size is 75%=2.2GB
      Max Cache Size is 2000MB

      We are able to work on these shots on our PC computers using AE, it is just out Mac's that are having problems. All of the setting are generally the same on both our Mac's and PC's

      so what can I do to get AE to not crash?
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          Navarro Parker Level 3
          Are your EXRs using some funky compresson (like wavelet or lossy float)? I've been able to use 2K EXRs from Cinema4D using it's Zip/16 scan line blocks without any problems.

          Is Photoshop or Quickview able to view these EXRs?
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            As Navarro says, the issue certainly does not hinge on the size of the images but it's compression. The native EXR importer only supports ZIP ansd PIZ, but not ZIPS and B44. therefore it is inevitable that you use the alternate importer from fnord (www.fnordware.com). If that doesn't resolve the issue, then your files probably use invalid ranges, odd channel names or something along those lines. These issues can only be fixed by properly configuring the render output in your 3D program.