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    Adding crop rotates video and I can't change it aaagh

      I have a smaller video (scaled down to 21.7%) and I want to crop the edges, so I applied Image - Utilities > Crop Edges. However, the following 3 things happened:
      1) Wigglerama was applied (why I have no idea)
      2) Transform was applied
      3) The video was rotated 0x-16.4

      However, the rotation tool under Transform is disabled, so I can't rotate it back to 0x0. I can change it in the timeline, but not in the effects editor which is really weird. The most frustrating thing about it is that I can't crop any of the edges, which is what I'm trying to do!

      What's the best way to crop one or more edges, or is this something that has to be done in Premiere?