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    read/write outputmaodule.logType

      I cant figure out to red write the renderQuee logtype
      I have one renderItem and I use this code

      app.project.renderQueue.item(1).outputModules[1].logType = LogType.ERRORS_AND_PER_FRAME_INFO

      but It doesnt work? is it a bug?

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          Dan Ebberts Level 5
          I think the deck is stacked against you. :-)

          There appears to be an error in the scripting guide. I think this is the syntax you're looking for:

          app.project.renderQueue.item(1).logType = LogType.ERRORS_AND_PER_FRAME_INFO;

          It seems to work, but the type doesn't change in the RQ window - but if you open the drop down, you'll see that "Plus Per Frame Info" is selected. Please report back if it does (or doesn't) work for you.