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    Render Queue FLV-flash export problem

      Someone please tell me what am I doing wrong:
      If I export my work to Flash Video via Render Queue, AE makes twice the file size copared to exporting it via File>Export>Flash Video(FLV).

      I DO use the same exact setings of course,... and in Render Queue there is a calculation on the botom when you go and fix the settings - "size of data"/second. If I calculate that it's exactly right. But I only get that file size if I export it via File>Export>Flash Video(FLV) and not trough Render Queue.

      Is that some kind of a bug in AE? What am I doing wrong??
      (There is just too much work to not use the Render Queue)

      I use:
      Windows 64 bit
      Core 2 quad
      8gb ram

      Adobe AE CS3