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    how to open a comp?

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      Does anyone know of a way to force a comp to open its timeline and composition windows/panels?

      So far, the closest thing I could find is an undocumented method for comps:
      ramPreviewTest(), which forces the comp to open itself in order to do the preview.

      But I have no idea what the 3 arguments are (the second seems to be a scale factor for the viewport), and all scripts sit and wait for the ram preview to finish, while the ram preview seems to sit and wait for the script to end before actually rendering any frames. I don't think this is my solution unless there's some magical argument value that makes it do what I want.

      But I'm sooooooooo close. Please someone tell me there's a way to make the timeline and composition window open. Pretty please.

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          Hey Rich,

          Unfortunately there is no way to do this currently. I believe the Project and Render Queue panels are the only ones you can have open through scripting.. Also beware that the ramPreviewTest() function is unsupported and in my testing is not very reliable.

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            function openCompWindow(compToOpen){
            var origWorkArea = CompToOpen.workAreaDuration;
            compToOpen.workAreaDuration = 0.1;
            // I should really change the line above to this:
            // compToOpen.workAreaDuration = 3 * compToOpen.frameDuration;
            // but I'm too lazy.
            // You need to multiply by 3 since a ram preview needs at least 2
            // frames, and I use 3 just as a buffer to ensure you don't
            // need to worry about any weird rounding off errors.
            compToOpen.workAreaDuration = origWorkArea;

            This has been working for us for a good number of months of heavy daily usage. Yes, it's a hack, but man is it nice.

            I sure hope Adobe doesn't munch this command in cs4. Unless it's to give us a REAL way to open the comp window.