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    Setting Output module from outside AE

      I'd like to automate AE renders on a third machine.
      I want to render out comps with the render engine to save myself from buying another copy just for rendering. I'd like to use aerender, and render to a custom format. For this, I'd need an output module, which I can make on my copy. My render engine is more than a month old, so I cannot go into the standard up because of the activation screen. If I run render engine the templates in the edit menu is grayed out.
      How can I get my custom output module inside AE so aerender could use it? Or is there a way to point to a .aom file for aerender?
      Thanks for any help,
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          A. Cobb Level 3
          Output modules, as in the parts of queued renders item that define the output format and directory, are stored in the AE project files (.aep's). What is stored in a .aom file is the output module templates, and even then AE only reads the .aom file when you are loading output module templates into AE. The templates that you can select when you queue a render item are actually stored in the AE preferences.

          Of course, the salient point is that the actual output modules are in the project file. If you queue a render item and set its output module, that output module will go wherever your .aep goes, including to a third machine with just the AE render engine, regardless of whether the version of AE that lives on that machine has the same templates.
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            Thanks for your response, Aaron.
            I've kinda got around the problem with simply copying the AE preference file which contains the templates alongside the preferences of the app.
            My problem was that I rendering Premiere Pro projects straight with aerender because it's nicely automatable. And as such it has no render queue nor items in it.
            For even more detail, I wanted to render XviD videos, but for some reason, Premiere doesn't likes XviD and cannot render videos to that format while AE can. So, I make the projects in Premiere, than pass them to a third machine, containing only an AE render engine and the new preferences file which I created templates for XviD output in. Than I can batch process a bunch of prproj's with aerender.
            Once again thank you for your time and response.