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    After Effects scripting guide enhancement requests and bug reports

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8
      I'm working on updating the After Effects scripting guide for CS4. In addition to documenting the new features, I'm fixing long-standing errors, adding examples, and otherwise trying to make the document better.<br /><br />So, what do you want to see added, fixed, or changed?<br /><br />I've posted a copy of the <a href="https://share.acrobat.com/adc/document.do?docid=24d95549-7e03-43c2-91d7-fe180219c56 0">After Effects <em><u><strong>CS3</strong></u></em> scripting guide</a> on the Adobe Share (Acrobat.com) site. If you download that document, you can see the errata for the CS3 document. Then---and this is the important part for me---you can make your own comments and send them to me. I'd like to get FDF files (files that just contain Acrobat comments and other markup), but I'll accept emailed PDF documents, comments on this forum thread, or any other way that you want to get the feedback to me.<br /><br />You can send me email at kopriva {at] adobe <dot) com.