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    Sony EX1 footage renders jumpy


      This is frustrating me to know end.

      I just imported a PPro Mac project into AE Mac with Sony EX1 footage.

      When I render, some of the clips jump back and forth (forward and backward) randomly.

      It plays fine in PPro and I can RAM Preview a single clip in a separate comp just fine, but a render or RAM Preview jumps.

      Any suggestions?
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          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
          I believe AE doesn't yet support the Sony EX1 and EX3 footage. You will probably need to transcode it to another codec, such as QuickTime Animation, QuickTime PhotoJPEG, QuckTime BlackMagic Design 8-bit or something similar.

          - Jonas Hummelstrand
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            Level 1
            That's correct. XDCam footage is NOT supported yet by AE. We are praying for an upgrade of the caliber that Premiere Pro got earlier this month--both a compatibility with XDCam AND a huge performance improvement.
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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              As explained above, AE is not XDCam compliant yet. Like all long-gop formats, you are strongly advised to convert your material (in Premiere Pro, FCP or Vegas, for example) to an intermediate codec for use in any compositing application.
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                I'm creating a work-around for the EX-1 black-dropped-out frames in After Effects (X64 CS3 CineForm):

                1. Edit a 'story board' in Premiere with the EX MP4 raw-files
                2. Convert only the files I need (from all the 150 shot) in the CineForm-HDlink app to .MOV files
                //filesize will become a little more, will shift a couple of frames from the MP4-raw, quality the same
                //HDlink is a BAD application, because I have to transcode every MP4 file seperately. MXF files are bugging in HDlink
                //HDlink does NOT trancode the audio into the new .MOV file! Sucks.
                3. Replace the Premiere 'edit-MP4-raw-files' with the converted .MOV files in After Effects
                4. Re-sync all the audio, 'export audio' from the MP4-raw files in Premiere to AE

                5. Voila! Render without troubles

                I love Quicktime!

                -Yeah, it sucks not to work natively-

                Any new suggestions would really be appreciated!