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    Synchronizing audio and video on a transparent layer - can it be done?

    llaferte Level 1
      Let me start by saying I opened After Effects CS3 for the first time last weekIm a nubbie. To date I have been working in Premiere Pro CS3, Photoshop etc trying to tweak things and make-do with effects and titles I know After Effects was made for.

      Can I apply an After Effects lighting/flash effect to transparent clip?

      I have a long title in PPro that comes in as we hear the Narrator speaking. The last words are all of this for Reading! On the word reading I want to add a lens flare synchronized with and audio Ting-a-Ling bell noise.

      In P-Pro I have been able to use Knoll Light Factory for the lens flare, and I found the right .wav file. Synchronizing them has been the problem its ok but not great. So here is where I turned to After Effects. Using Convert Audio to Key Frames I was able to generate a null object (?) and this I link (with the whip tool) to the Brightness and Scale attributes in Knolls Light Factory LE effect.

      Great so far but Id like to apply the over all effect to a transparent clip so I can lay it right in on top of my P Pro time line. This title sequence is complex; I do not want to re-create it from scratch in After Effects. Is there a way to add a lighting effect to some sort of transparent video?