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    Font list/Embedding

    Michael Rutledge Level 1
      I am using MX 2004 on Mac Pro 10.5.5 system.
      I am trying to embed some postscript type one fonts. The fonts are available as text in the text window and the text inspector but do not show up in the embed list . . .
      I have tried installing them in the system library Fonts and in the user fonts.
      I have used font book to disable all the fonts I don't need.
      restarted after every change.
      Does any one have any clue what I am doing wrong or what I might try next?
      Any help would be appreciated.
      thanks in advance
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          fazstp Level 2
          Not all fonts available to Director can be embedded. The outlineFontList() from a font member contains any fonts that can be.

          put _movie.newMember( #font ).outlineFontList()

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            Michael Rutledge Level 1
            Thanks for the reply, I guess the follow up is: Is this a director, or font restriction. i.e. does director limit the number fonts or fonts with specific names or kind of fonts? Is there a way to use the font from my clients style sheet?

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              Michael Rutledge Level 1
              Thanks again.
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                Level 7
                ou will have the best luck embedding TrueType fonts. If you can convert
                your font to TrueType (there are shareware converters I believe), then
                you should be able to embed it. Also, I have had better luck
                (specifically with D11, but this also applies to D10) embedding fonts on
                the PC. If you have access to Director on a PC, you may be able to get
                the font embedded. Once it is, you can use it on your Mac.
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                  Michael Rutledge Level 1
                  Thanks Mike, I've downloaded a utility. since its you who answered could you explain how to use this a little more for me? I have a a project I'm working on that i inherited and need to find missing fonts
                  Thanks again.
                  on getFontUse vFont----------------------------------
                  --Mike Blaustein 11/27/05
                  --If you find this script useful, let me know. Use it for whatever you want.
                  --USAGE: vFont is a STRING- the font you are searching for
                  --EXAMPLE: getFontUse "Arial"
                  --That will give you a linear list with all cast members of
                  --all castlibs that contain that font.

                  --make a list to save the returns

                  repeat with iCastLib=1 to the maxInteger --repeat with all cast libs
                  if castlib iCastLib=void then exit repeat

                  repeat with iMember=1 to the maxInteger --In each castlib, go through each member
                  if member(iMember,iCastLib).cast=void then exit repeat

                  --we only care about the #text or #field members
                  if member(iMember,iCastLib).type=#field or member(iMember,iCastLib).type=#text then

                  --go through each character and if the font matches
                  repeat with iChar=1 to member(iMember,iCastLib).char.count
                  if member(iMember,iCastLib).char[iChar].font=vFont then
                  exit repeat
                  end if

                  end repeat
                  end if
                  end repeat
                  end repeat

                  --put the list into the message window
                  put membersWithThisFont
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                    Level 7
                    That script just goes through all your text and field members and tells
                    you which ones are using a given font... like if you wanted to know all
                    the members which use Arial, you would put this in the message window:

                    getFontUse "Arial"
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                      fazstp Level 2
                      You could use something like this to list the fonts used. Not sure if that's the question?

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                        fazstp Level 2
                        The alternative to embedding fonts is to convert text to bitmaps prior to publishing.

                        - Text will look the same regardless of platform and fonts available
                        - Bitmap renders much quicker than text

                        - Not editable, only useful if the text is static
                        - Not adjustable, can't resize to fit screen layout (well you can scale it but it will be pixelated)
                        - Using bitmaps results in larger movie file size
                        - Need to work off a copy so that the original text is still available for editing in the unpublished movie
                        - Need to check the layout after converting to bitmap, I have had some distortion of text on stage
                        - Text handlers not available like hyperlinks, mouseWord, locToCharPos etc.
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                          Michael Rutledge Level 1
                          Thanks for the reply I'll try that.
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                            Michael Rutledge Level 1
                            Thanks so much for the input I'll try it out . . .