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    Load Client Side Image

      I have quite an interesting issue. I created a file upload procedure using the FileReference class. Everything works fine until I upload the app onto the STAGING server. A server-side app called dotDefender is installed on the STAGING server. This tool helps prevent sql injection attacks (and other hacking attempts). The problem is that it seems as though dotDefender is blocking the request (to the upload CFM script) from the Flex app which is being served from the same server.

      So I thought of using a RemoteObject and the ByteArray classes to upload the image bitmap data. The Flex app can take a snapshot of the Canvas that contains the Image control. the problem is that I can see no way of allowing the user to Browse their local machine for an image and display that image in the Flex app WITHOUT having to send FIRST the image data to the server.

      Does anyone know of any alternative for uploading images onto a CF server?
      Are there any additional parameters that I can use that would prevent dotDefender from rejecting the Flex apps request (using the FileReference upload() method)??

      Note: I have no control over the configuration of the dotDefender tool.