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    DNG Codec - Vista x64 (64 bit)

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      Creating a thread for 64 bit Vista users to post to regarding support for the DNG codec on Vista x64.

      Currently x64 is not a supported platform for the RC version of the codec. Hopefully this is something that will be corrected when it ships. Adobe seems to support 64 bit, in for example LR 2.0 beta, so I imagine this will happen as well for the codec, but just to be sure 64 bit Vista users should comment on this thread.

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          CR Henderson Level 3
          I've asked in other forums where the RC info was posted so I'll ask here, too:

          Are there any plans for a Vista 64 DNG codec from Adobe to make an appearance anytime soon?
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            According to the download page - "The DNG Codec will move from a release candidate to a shipping version once sufficient feedback is received."

            Consider the feedback left for a 64bit version. Get with the program!
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              sjprg Level 1
              A 32 bit vista anything is an Oxymoron. Get with the 64bit program. Sooner rather than later. Anyone serious about photography is allready using 64bits.
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                As applications become more memory hungry (read Photoshop) having an excess of 2GB of RAM is an imperative - 64bit is the only way to go here. I echo the sentiments from above and I know you guys are working on it so lets see it!
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                  AArgh! I've been waiting (im)patiently for a DNG codec, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that one had become available. Alas! it's only the 32-bit version and won't work on my x64 Vista. Bummer.
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                    And, that surprises you? Interesting.
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                      I'd like to add yet another post of support for a 64-bit version. PLEASE, Adobe, there are a lot of us 64-bit users out here!

                      And no, Kerwin, I'm not surprised by this. It's just frustrating for those of us that have taken the plunge.

                      I don't think Adobe, other software vendors, or camera manufacturers realized how quickly 64-bit Vista would be adopted. Nikon cited the 2% market share that 64-bit *XP* had for not developing a 64-bit Vista codec. But clearly, you can't base decisions on a 6-year-old OS and PC RAM requirements from that long ago. Forcing everyone to have less than 4 GB of RAM in their computer is ridiculous with today's ever increasing file sizes and OS/application requirements. And, of course, you simply can't address 4 GB of RAM or more on a PC without going 64-bit... something all the vendors seem to be blissfully ignorant of.

                      Unfortunately, only when I got my new PC did I realize that almost nothing is 64-bit ready, particularly in the photography world... Canon's RAW (CR2) codec isn't, Pentax's RAW (PEF) codec isn't, Nikon's (NEF) codec isn't, Adobe's DNG codec isn't, not even the 800 pound gorilla, Photoshop CS3, is (and yes, I read the (unsatisfactory, IMO) reason Adobe gave for that). Lightroom 2.0 is, but it's a *beta* program that even Adobe recommends you not use for production!

                      Does everyone want us to buy a Mac? :P

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                        MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                        My understanding is that we will get around to producing a 64-bit version of the DNG Codec. I just don't know when. Thanks for your patience.

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                          Eric we'll be waiting some more - even though I'm puzzled why Adobe still haven't released a codec for Vista 64 bit as of yet (considering you are trying to push the DNG format over native RAW formats - seems at bit two-faced/double-standard) ?

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                            It is simply awful to think that perhaps a 5th or more of the Vista PCs sold this year (and increasing all the time) are x64 machines.

                            It is high time Adobe that you get this out there. I really need to settle on an archival format and I would prefer DNG but not having a codec (after almost a year and a half of Vista) is appalling.

                            Adobe, do you even care?
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                              +1 I just discovered this while testing converting my collection to DNG. I'm running x64 windows and I don't know of any pc that is shipping right now that is not using an x64 CPU.

                              Is there any x64 DNG codec available in beta? Until this is resolved this diminishes the value of Lightroom as I will not be able to use it as I intended.

                              I agree with sentiment in prior post in that this does not reflect well on Adobe. Without x64, Adobe's commitment to support or foster this as a real standard is suspect at best.
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                                A third party has a DNG codec that works on Vista 64-bit before Adobe does?


                                But it's Shareware and $29.95 to register. We shouldn't have to pay for something that Adobe should have done already for free.
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                                  ArrrBee Level 1

                                  This just shows Adobe's true dedication to the DNG format. Something this simple should have been out long before Microsoft upgraded the OS. Vista has been out what 2 or 3 years and we still don't have a non-beta codec and not 64-bit one at all. It is this dedication to DNG that has made me stop converting my raw images to DNG. DNG isn't going any place and I understand now part of the reason why companies like Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. don't want to support it. I wouldn't touch it either if I was them. Hell, Pentax came out with a Vista codec for their raw files ages ago. Yah, it is only 32-bit but, they got it out, it works fine and it hasn't been in beta for more than a year.


                                  BTW Adobe, these new forums suck. Add back the newsreader access already.



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                                    David Blake Level 1

                                    > "Something this simple should have been out long before Microsoft upgraded the OS."


                                    In Adobe's defense, developing a codec is far from simple.  It may seem simple since to some people this is an essential part of the OS, but it's not a trivial task.

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                                      You can make The codec work in Vista x64 with some happy fun steps along with Canon Camera Raw (I just spent about 4 hours figuring this out... glad I got it working...)


                                      here is how:

                                      1.) Force dngcodec_r1_051208.msi to not check the system it installs on by using this link

                                      (works for vista x64 too )


                                      2.) Install your Camera Raw from whatever company makes your camera.... I will tell you how I got my Canon raw as an example:

                                             went here to get the Raw codec installer, chose Vista 32 as the OS (yeah I lied) and installed it on my Vista x64 instalation


                                      3.) Right Click your desktop and make a new shortcut. In the location put in the following:

                                      C:\Windows\SysWOW64\explorer.exe /separate, ::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

                                           Name it something like "Explorer X86 mode"


                                      4.) double click that Icon, and navigate to where your folders CHALK FULL O PHOTOS are.... and ..... BAMN... it starts making thumbnails of everything you can see in the explorer pane. After thumbnails are generated for all of the images (just scroll around and stuff......till you see all of them) you can then close that instance of explorer. After opening a normal version of windows explorer.. and by going to those same folders you wil see thatthe thumbnails for your photos are still there!


                                      Also its worth noting that you can use the 32 bit versions of many of the 64 bit apps in windows (like those Microsoft photo tools I don't mess with).  These 32bit versions can be found in the "\Windows\SysWOW64\" directory. Most of them are easy to start up and use... explorer is the only one where I had to make some weird ******* shortcut to make it function.


                                      Fun side note... I do not know if running 32 bit Explorer in x64 has any downside what so ever.. its not like I worry about being able to use all 8 GB of my ram while I am looking at file folders...


                                      Might figure out some way to force generation of thumbnails of a folder in 32bit mode so I don't even have to open the 32bit explorer.... will let you all know if I accomplish it.


                                      Edit: I would like to note that some may view me as a mad crazy cheap ******* for doing all this instead of just coughin up $29.95 for that Adfry codec.... but whats the fun in that?


                                      Edit number 2: As a way to "tide things over" untill a proper x64 codec could be released... why could't there just be a "button" in Explorer that says "generate thumbnails" and have it use 32bit codecs from the 32bit explorer?!? Well Started reading on some API poo at MSDN (hurray) and if no one else makes that... I will

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                                        Simon Bolch

                                        I'm usually a very patient and placid man.




                                        What the HELL is the problem, Adobe?! It's been over a year! How can it be that hard to support your own file format?

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                                          Add another to the list requesting DNG suppeort in VISTA 64. Now that we're about to get "7", I expect they will drop vista 64 support altogether.

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                                            This is another request for a Codec for 64-bit windows.


                                            I really don't get it - Adobe proclaimed DNG as the device-independent codec for all RAW files, our data would be safe in your hands, etc...


                                            Yet you fell at the first hurdle.  Basic, BASIC support totally missing.


                                            Is someone playing politics against Microsoft here?


                                            Please prove that you are worthy of our trust and provide us with this basic support for DNG.  Otherwise, why should we trust you with our data ever again?




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                                              I would like to support alan's position. After years and years, with 64bit support in Photoshop CS4 etc., is it really that hard? Shareware codecs have been around for quite a while now as well.

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                                                This is truly frustrating that Adobe have not released a 64 bit DNG codec.  Adobe, at least let us know what your plans are.  Your support people keep telling me that the 32 bit codec will work.  Where are they getting their info.  Please, please, give us some support.

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                                                  PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                                  I was wondering if any Camera manufacturer had released a 64 bits version of its proprietary files Codec...

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                                                    palaeobill Level 1

                                                    Thanks for your mail.  Ardfry has a 64 bit codec for $30.00 but I am of the

                                                    feeling that Adobe can support their own standadr and give us (the people

                                                    who pay for their software) a bit of a break.  There must be some political

                                                    reason that Adobe is not updating their DNG codec.  Sure wish they would

                                                    tell us the truth.




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                                                      palaeobill Level 1

                                                      As a Canon user they have for some time supplied their own RAW file codec as

                                                      part of their suport for Camera Raw in their products but not DNG support.

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                                                        PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                                        Yes, just a 32bits version (x86).

                                                        It seems that only olympus was able to produce a 64bits Codec.


                                                        So Adobe is on the same boat as Canon, Nikon, Sony.

                                                        Maybe is there really an issue in producing a 64bits codec...

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                                                          David Blake Level 1

                                                          > Maybe is there really an issue in producing a 64bits codec...


                                                          At Ardfry, we've written 64 bit codecs for DNG, CR2, NEF, with PSD currently about to enter public beta.  There are some technical challenges in writing for 64 bit, but they are not insurmountable.


                                                          I don't have any special knowledge of the internal workings of the companies that haven't released a 64 bit codec, but I'm sure somewhere a pointy-haired manager is asking if producing a 64 bit codec will help them sell more cameras or software, or even if the cost of porting and testing will be recovered.


                                                          DNG doesn't suffer from a 32 bit legacy code base, so it's in better shape, but Nikon and Canon have a large base of old code that needs to be evaluated, corrected, and tested.


                                                          Also, because a codec seems essential to some, folks seem to think it's "just" a codec that should be easy crank out.  Doing a good job on a codec is not a trivial effort.  If you look at the released 32 bit codecs from the largest camera makers, they are very slow and don't implement some recommended features.  I imagine that they underestimated the effort that would be involved as well.


                                                          I know that 64 bit is a popular platform with professional photographers (thousands of them have purchased our codecs), but the it seems like the consumer is the focus of Nikon and Canon, with their flagship models existing solely to support their brand.  The Nikon of today is not the same Nikon that produced the FM2.  I doubt we will ever see anything like a DLSR equivalent of the FM2 produced by the present day Nikon.

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                                                            freakcitizen Level 1

                                                            The wait is over!


                                                            It does not come from Adobe, but it's working like a charm. Go to http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/codecs/ and download the FastPictureViewer WIC Codec Pack. On  the same site you can find a list of supported file formats and OS architectures...it basically works for every common raw file format under every common Windows-based OS (including x64 of course).

                                                            And the best thing is: the codec pack itself is completely free!


                                                            Just wanted to share this with you, hope you enjoy this new alternative. Thanks to the developers for making this available!

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                                                              palaeobill Level 1

                                                              Excellent, I'll be downloading it tonight and try it out.

                                                              Thanks for the info



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                                                                palaeobill Level 1

                                                                Downloaded the fastpictureviewer codec package and it works perfectly to

                                                                display DNG thumbnails in 64 bit Explorer.  Hurray



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                                                                  Come on Adobe, flip the 64 bit compiler switch already and be done with it. This is unacceptable. It looks like you actually *don't* want people to use DNG. It's you effing format, just support it will you?

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                                                                    I moved to a 3rd party codec because I got tired of waiting for Adobe to support their own format on the most used platform, but I thought I check if there was any update on this, maybe a new "beta".


                                                                    I remember a year and a half ago mailing John Nack and the product manager for LR asking what was going on with the DNG codec and they said it was coming out soon... lol. What a joke!

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                                                                      Since Adobe doesn’t come up with a 64bit version, and all the alternative codecs charge you money meanwhile, I wrote my own DNG thumbnail handler for Windows Explorer.

                                                                      It’s on my photo page in tools: http://www.visualbakery.com/Tools/PhotoTools.aspx

                                                                      Hope you like it.



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                                                                        palaeobill Level 1

                                                                        Hi Ollie


                                                                        Good for you and thank you.  It is what should have been long ago from Adobe


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                                                                          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                                                          For those that upgraded to Windows 7, there is now a 64bits version of the DNG codec: http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/DNG_Codec

                                                                          The version 1.1 does not support Vista.

                                                                          (via Tom Hogarty )

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                                                                            GaryRowe Level 1

                                                                            So ignore the text of the release from Adobe, where they say "The DNG Codec provides a method for Windows Vista users to view DNG files in the Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery" !!!


                                                                            Oops ;-)